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ALFA ROMEOs with Racing Spirits !!!

TZ Models and Their Interesting Informations !

Hello everybody! How is it going? I hope everything is okay in your life... I f you ask me, I am okay and I am happy. Sometime I have a stress because I am studying car design master degree in Politecnico di Milano University and I have to prepare very good Portfolio for my internship. I will graduate in June 2018 so I have got less time. I should be very quick about it :) Fortunately, my portfolio is very good now but I am continuing about prepare. I have many designs to mine and everything is okay. As I told you, I am a bit stress but this is normal! Ayway, life is beautiful and I love cars so they are my life and Car design is my childhood dream job! Because of this reason I am ready every difficulty to endure for to be a car designer! I spoke much again, we can start to our blog subject about ALFA ROMEO TZ models!

Everybody knows that Alfa Romeo has started with race cars in Automobile Industry. There were a lot of pure race cars and sport cars 0f Alfa Romeo before Ferrari! After that Ferrari pullulated for to be race car brand from Alfa Romeo. We can see some important examples about Alfa Romeo TZ cars under this subject.

Alfa Romeo TZ-1 produced with 105 body code. First generation Alfa Romeo TZ-1 was developed by EX-Ferrari engineer Carlo Chiti in Autodelta Company. The full name is TZ is Tubolare Zagato in Italian Language. It had a 1,570 cc twin cam engine and other mechanical parts shared with the Alfa Romeo Giulia in that period. TZ-1 was produced with tubular spaceframe chassis, light all-aluminium bodywork, disc brakes and independent suspension. The result was a lightweight Coupe with just 650 kg and top speed was 200 km/h. The TZ was built two different versions. ne of for street, another one is for racing. Racing version was producing 160hp. Alfa's twin-spark cylinder head, as also used in the GTA... Giulia 's allow block was stayed inside of TZ-1's engine bonned.

If you pay attention, rear designs of TZ series are so different and there isn't any car that has got this kind of design language related with its rear design looks like TZs' rear designs! This rear design logic was designed by Dr. Wunibald Kamm. He was really important researching to aerodynamic for this kind of tail. And the TZ used this style tail and it called "coda tronca" in Italian, meaning "short tail.", otherwise known as the Kamm Tail. The friction and downforce really decreased by this tail so car could go faster. Because of this, they decided to use this tail in that period. TZ-1 was designed by Ercole Spada at ZAGATO. Of the first TZ, 112 units were built between mid-year 1963 - mid-year 1964. the road version's engine has got 112hp with 1570cc engine volume that was supported by 5 speed manual transmission.

There is one example photo about Dr. Wunibald Kamm 's Thesis. The car that stay in this picture is BMW 328 Mille Miglia.

Now, we can speak about Alfa Romeo TZ-2. This model is second generation of TZ model family. This car was updated with new fibreglass bodywork providing lower drag and reduced weight (620 kg) in 1965. The new version TZ-2 was designed by Zagato too. New design was called the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2. The TZ2 was only built as racing version; it used 1,570 cc straight-4 DOHC engine producing 170 hp at 7000 rpm. This car could do top speed 245 km/h. The window design also changed, now single unit rather than three part window in TZ. Aerodynamic tail that was called ''coda tronca'' had happened classic design language. This car, unthinkable without this shor tail. Development of TZ cars was stopped in the end of 1965, to make room for new GTA racing program. Only 12 TZ2s were built. The car won the prestigious Gran Turismo Trophy at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

Now, we can arrive to my favourite TZ model that name is TZ-3 CORSA !!! This model is one of the most important place in Alfa Romeo World! As I told you, Alfa Romeo was pure race car manufacturer in history and they joined race in 1910 for the first time! So they made this car for celebration to 100 years to join first race! Because of this Its name is CORSA! The meaning of CORSA is race in Italian language. At the same time, 91th anniversary of ZAGATO in 2010. The concept of "Project TZ3" is a story that has a long history both in Zagato history and in Alfa Romeo, especially parallel to motor racing for ten years. The chassis is a carbon-fiber monocoque with some tubular elements. The suspension setups of front and rear are double wishbones, with pushrod actuated coil springs, and dampers from Ohlins. This extreme car is based on the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione that was made for German collector Martin Kapp. So it is using same platform with 8C. Its transmission stays on the rear axle too. It was not designed for sale or for competitions. It was made only one piece in 2010! Its designer is Norihiko Harada under ZAGATO. The car's weight is 850 kg thanks to its carbon fiber frame and hand beaten aluminium body and It has got a 420 hp dry sump V8 4.2 litre engine that code is F136. The layout is front lngitudinal middle engined car. The car has got a 6-speed sequential gearbox and It can take 300 km/h. At the same time its acceleration is from 0km to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. This high-performance car is hand-crafted film that won the Design Concept Award in 2010 in the elegance contest, The Villa d'Este. Important note: Alfa Romeo TZ-3 CORSA was inspirationed by Alfa Romeo TZ-1. You can understand it from their side rear windows and rear windows.

We can talk about TZ-3 STRADALE which also call TZ-4. This car has Dodge Viper platform, technology, engine...etc rather than Alfa Romeo TZ-3 CORSA. Because CORSA version was using Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione platform, engine, transmission..etc. Anyway, this car quite beautiful and attractive looking car with a little bit rude and ugly headlights compared to CORSA, airvents that exist under the headlights. It is so interesting car with dispropotionate body but lovely looking! As I told you, it is a bit rude looking car. STRADALE was designed by Horihiko Harada under ZAGATO too like CORSA. Unlike Alfa Romeo TZ-3 CORSA, STRADALE is using Dodge Viper chassis, Tremec 6 speed manual TR-6060 transmission and the V10 8.4 engine which comes from Dodge Viper. All of things are related with DODGE Viper ACR-X (previous generation Viper produced between 2000-2010) This car is front-middle engine car with rear wheel drive too. Engine was produced by Chyrsler with 640hp, 820Nm Torque! Acceleration is 0-100km: 3.6 seconds. STRADALE is worse than CORSA (3.5 seconds) about 0-100km acceleration. Top speed is 325km/h. The interior design is mainly the same as a regular Viper, but the badges change to Alfa Romeo. The body and the frame come from the ACR-X, which are manufactured with SMC & rim panels over a tubular space frame. The brake discs, which are 2-piece, come from StopTech, and the calipers are from Brembo. The steering wheel is rack-and-pinion, with power assist. The suspension setup for front and rear are A-arms, with coil-over shocks and stabilizer bars. An important note again: Alfa Romeo TZ-3 STRADALE was inspirationed by Alfa Romeo TZ-2. You can understand it from their side rear windows and rear windows.

There is really good new that will be very excited to us is Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ-4 will be built to celebrate ZAGATO centenary in 2019. Zagato was established by Andrea ZAGATO in 1919 Milano/Lombardy/Italy.

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